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Began as a travel blog in 2013. It's where you can view photo galleries and read about our Overland Driving Trips beginning in 1988. 

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 A focus on 'road trip travel' was the sites' beginning ... but, it soon morphed and evolved into this personal website that now includes condensed versions of our Journalled Adventures prior to blogging. We had been compiling those previous trips in a series of hardcopy binders. Together, they constitute our travels together over a, now 41+ year time-frame. Here, you'll find trip information and links to photography galleries featuring our adventures in self-propelled activities ... paddling, hiking, cycling, snorkelling and SCUBA diving.  


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We've designed this website to entertain and be humorous, to inform, to provide information and resources across a variety of travelling modes and methods and to enable us to stay in contact with our family, friends and any others who may share these same travelling interests. 


Where Have We Been

Our primary passion is to spend time exploring our country and in particular 'The Canadian North' ... Nunavut, NWT and Yukon ... just about anywhere above latitude 60. This is where our most memorable travel experiences have already been. 

Secondary to this, is a desire to visit and expose ourselves to as many different countries, cultures and activities that we can, while we can. 

Below are the flags, in chronological order, that represent the 22 countries (including 1 nation territory) we have visited.

Detail includes: Official national flag
                              Sequence number
                              Official country name/common name 
                              A Wikipedia link
                              Two letter nation abbreviation
                              Two letter continent abbreviation
                              Year(s) visited

1 CANADA Wikipedia CA NA 1952 & 1954/1952-2017
2 UNITED STATES of AMERICA/The States Wikipedia US NA 1975/Many
3 BARBADOS Wikipedia BB NA 1989
4 UNITED MEXICAN STATES/Mexico Wikipedia MX NA 1989/2002/2013-2016
5 REPUBLIC of CUBA/Cuba Wikipedia CU NA 2003/2008/2010
6 REPUBLIC of PANAMA/Panama Wikipedia  PA NA 2004
8 REPUBLIC of COSTA RICA/Costa Rica Wikipedia CR NA 2005
10 JAMAICA Wikipedia JM NA 2007
11 REPUBLIC of HONDURAS/Honduras Wikipedia  HN NA 2009
12 COMMONWEALTH of the BAHAMAS/Bahamas Wikipedia BS NA 2009
13 FRENCH REPUBLIC/France Wikipedia  FR EU 2010
14 FEDERAL REPUBLIC of GERMANY/Germany Wikipedia DE EU 2010
15 SWISS CONFEDERATION/Switzerland Wikipedia CH EU 2010
16 BELIZE Wikipedia BZ NA 2013
17 KINGDOM of SPAIN/Spain Wikipedia ES EU 2016-2017
18 Gibraltar Territory of the UNITED KINGDOM/Gibraltar Wikipedia GI EU 2016
19 KINGDOM of MOROCCO/Morocco Wikipedia MA AF 2017
20 PORTUGUESE REPUBLIC/Portugal Wikipedia PT EU 2017
22 REPUBLIC of SINGAPORE/Singapore Wikipedia  SG AS 2017
23 NEW ZEALAND Wikipedia NZ OC 2017 

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Our Team: LOAF, Crumby, Wry & Crusty
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  1. Hello,
    I have Really Enjoyed your Blog thus far. I have made it thru the "Meet LOAF" pages. My favorite aspect is all the detail that you have taken the time to post. I love the detail and all the planning! I've added you to my favorites. Looking forward to following you on all your adventures.
    Safe Travels,

    1. Thank you for your kind observations regarding our website. Would you mind telling me how you found us, as we are always open to modifying the way we present our 'travel' content in order to attract as many followers as possible.

  2. Just read about your trip to the Canadian Maritimes on the TruckCamper site. It was a great review of that part of Canada. We took the approximate same trip about 5 years ago and it brought back great memories.
    We are looking at a Canada/Alaskan trip possibly next year. Have a safe trip and we will looking forward to your website review. Thanks, Phil Rodgers phildrodgers@cs.com

    1. Hi Phil - thanks for your comments, glad you enjoyed the article. Follow us on our journey west/north this year, if you need any info, just let us know. Thanks..

  3. Hi.. Glad you posted your trip through Labrador. Sylvie and I hope to make it out there this July/August via the North route. I am sure it will be a memorable drive for us.. Again, thanks.. Dan&Sylvie

  4. Hi Dan - thanks so much for your comment. If you or Sylvie have any questions please feel free to email us at dh.loafin@gmail.com or on our Facebook page LOAFin Around. We'd be pleased to help in any way we can. Safe travels - leave lots of time, there is so much to see.


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