Press Mentions Featured

A home we built was  featured in a Newspaper Article and a couple of our trips have been written up in Magazine Publications ...

TRUCK CAMPER Magazine: May 22, 2015, "Canoes, Kayaks & Inflatable Boats"

TRUCK CAMPER Magazine: June 3, 2016, "Overland To The Rock"

TRUCK CAMPER Magazine: October 28, 2016, "Top Snowbird Tips and Destinations"

Our website has been linked and featured in a few RV Travel Blog Directories ...

Everything Everywhere

"Passionate about camping, canoeing, and adventurous travel, this Canadian couple has explored much of North and Central America (currently in a truck-camper, going everywhere there are roads and, where there are none, on foot or by water). Beware: reading this blog may make your adventures seem rather "wimpy" by comparison." 

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Hitch Up And Go

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